Wednesday, March 22, 2017

3 Things I figured Out This Week That Made Everyday Life (a Little Bit) Easier

Every Day Life Hacks

It's a good day when you stumble upon a little idea that makes at least one thing in your life easier. These are by no means genius level hacks.  In fact, many of you probably already know these, and maybe they are soooo simple that you have kept them to yourselves.  Just in case there is anyone out there like me who hadn't thought of this before, I'm sharing.

1.  Sheet Protecters (Kids' Pee Pee Pads) for Keeping Muddy Dog Prints off the Floor.

I still have sheet protecters from when my kids were smaller, and believe it of not, some crib sheet protecters as well, so it was a rainy day when I decided to get rid of them.  I had them in hand as I was walking by the sliding glass door where my two dogs had their noses pressed against the door (yeh - I'll clean that later).  I glanced at their muddy feet, then at my clean wood floors, when it hit me to throw down the sheet protecters.  Sometimes as they are standing on the rug, I wrap it around them to wipe them off as well.  Absorbent and waterproof so it keeps wet muddy prints off the floor and rug, and I can just pick it up and throw it in the wash when I'm done with it.

2.   Office Binder Clips for Chip Clips.

I don't know why they don't design chip clips better.  The ones I have always break, but binder clips are perfect.  Tough, metal, comes in multiple sizes, and you can get pretty ones as well sometimes in the clearance bin at Office Depot).

3.  Hole Punch Loyalty cards and keep them on a key ring.

I keep the million tiny ones I have on a key ring, but I had a few big ones as well that I was keeping in my wallet.  So, I hole punched them, and put them on the ring as well.  I keep the whole lot of them on a key ring at the bottom of my purse.  Call me paranoid, but I hate giving my phone number out in the check out line, so I like having the cards.

If you have any Eureka moments to add to the list - please let us all know in the comment section below.

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