Sunday, February 12, 2017

Easy, Printable, Customizable, DIY Class Valentines

Do It Yourself, Easy DIY Valentines, Customizable, Printable

I am not particularly crafty.  I don't own cutesy punches, have a collection of paints or ribbons, and I have no idea what to do with all this beautiful washi tape I see everywhere.  However, this is the year!  This is the year I go from a Pinterest Collector to a Pinterest Do-er!  In January, I pulled out some Pins from the thousands I have accumulated determined to do at least a few of them this year.  Here is the thing.  I needs to be super simple and it needs to still look cute.  As much as I admire those up cyclers out there for their creativity, sometimes it still looks, well......let's just say, maybe it shouldn't have been saved from the recycle bin.  Maybe it was just that milk jug's time to go.

My first adventure into the DIY world is Valentine's cards for my kids' class this year.  I cannot believe I haven't done this before.  It was that simple.  See below for the step by step.

Materials needed:

  • Cardstock (I used 65# in White)
  • Washi Tape
  • Candy (optional)
Step 1.  Open Pages (or Word for non Mac users).

Step 2. Google Free ClipArt.  I chose Star Wars for my Star Wars crazy son, and a super cute Owl for my daughter.  I saved them to my photos to upload in Pages.

Step 3.  Come up with some cute little sayings for your cards.  Hint: Again, troll the internet for ideas if you are experiencing writers block.

Step 4. Insert your saved image in your open document.

Step 5. Create a text box and write your cute saying in different fonts and colors in the text box.

Step 6 Imagine two columns on your paper.  Move the art and the text box into the upper left corner of the page to make the first card.

I could fit two across, and 4 down (8 per page).

Do It Yourself, Easy DIY Valentines, Customizable, Printable

Step 8.  Print and using a picture cutter or paper cutter, cut apart your Valentine's.  If you do not have a picture cutter (although I recommend it, and it is great for cutting school photos).  Then using a ruler, lightly draw cutting lines and use scissors.
Esy DIY, Do It Yourself, Star Wars, Classroom Valentines

Step 9.  Using washi tape, tape your candy to the back.  We used lollipops and pixie sticks, but any wrapped candy would do.  I suggested pencils, but the 9 year old boy informed me that "no one wants a pencil".  So cavities it is....

Easy DIY, Do It Yourself, Star Wars, Classroom Valentines

What I didn't do:   I didn't stress over making them all the same size.  I just moved them enough to allow me to cut down the middle and in between each one.  You could probably create a table and insert your art into there, but for me that would violate rule number 1: It has to be easy.
Easy DIY, Do It Yourself, Classroom Valentines for Girls

The whole project took 30-45 minutes.  Honestly, it probably took more time to put this post together.


  1. Love it! Took me longer to go to Target and buy some last minute cards!

  2. I know, right? I can't believe I didn't do this sooner. I made my husband's Valentine card and my kid's birthday card on the computer too. I'm addicted.