Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Out of the Box Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Guy

Out of the Box Valentine's Day Gifts 

Unique Gift Ideas for Men

When I lived overseas, Valentine's Day was not very big in our host country. My husband didn't grow up with Valentine's Day as I had, so I decided that I did not want to "force" this holiday on him, but I still wanted to celebrate in a low key and fun way. So we would head out to the cheese shop and buy everything we needed to create a cheese and charcuterie board, and enjoy that with a bottle of wine. In a country with 25% sales tax, this was a real treat, and we have continued this tradition. However, now that I am back in the States, one of my favorite things is to help friends and family find unique and cool gifts for the people they love. One of my favorite shops for men's gifts (and really, for myself), is Cool Material. I can seriously get lost in their online shop for what feels like hours, looking for interesting gifts, so enjoy the following list of awesome and quirky finds, ranging from the not expensive to over the top.  Happy shopping!

Low key Under $50:

Unique Gifts for Your Guy

Marlowe waxed canvas lunch bag at Peg and Awl. Even better monogrammed.
Unique, Inexpensive Gifts for your guy
PPK Rubber Band Gun at Cool Material 

Unique, Inexpensive Gifts for your guy
Organize your bedside items with a caddy from Cool Material.
Unique, Inexpensive Gifts for your guy
Stop forgetting your keys with the Tile App

Somewhere in between $50-$150:

Unique Gifts for your guy
Sandqvist makes some of the coolest rucksacks out there.
Unique Gifts for Your Guy
Chill coffee, wine, and spirits in minutes with the Hyper Chiller.

Unique Gifts for your guy
Posh but manly blankets at Faribault.

 All Out $150+:

Everyone has heard of Stitch Fix. Trunk Club is a personalized online, subscription-based shopping for men (and women).   

Bespoke Post is a subscription service that curates and delivers theme-oriented boxes of locally and internationally sourced lifestyle goodies every month. From BBQ to fashion and home brewing, this is a gift that will renew his interest in receiving something in the mail. You can get an annual membership, or individual boxes.

There are many companies such as The Extreme Experience that offer the chance to drive exotic cars on a real racetrack- a great gift for someone who has it all or who is hard to shop for. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Hello, Is It Me You're Looking for?


We are Moms looking to inform and inspire, and be informed and inspired as we make our way through Momville without losing ourselves (you know, the non-mom part of us) all while having fun, keeping our sense of humor and celebrating life with champagne, of course.  

Lifestyle Mom Blog, Informing, Inspiring

Here we are.  Our first blog post. Yikes!!  So why the name Mommas and Mimosas?  First off, because alliteration is cool.  Second, because we love champagne, Cava, Proscecco or any dry wine that has bubbles, and if you mix it with orange juice, you basically have a health food, especially if you get that fortified orange juice.  What mom doesn’t like to mulit-task?  

Mommas and Mimosas was born out of a desire to reach other like minded moms, so I didn’t feel so alone on my little Mommy island.  To build a tribe of moms that freely share information and inspiration on any topic of interest.  A tribe you can ask any of those burning questions that you wouldn’t necessarily ask just anyone such as, are her eyelashes real (no, btw), Should I get a boob job at age 40 or not?  What should I get my kid’s teacher for a Christmas gift this year?  Am I the only one who picks up and sweeps 10 minutes before everyone gets home, so I don’t look like I read my book all day?  What do other stay at home Mom’s do all day, and am I the only one who feels bored out of her mind sometimes?  How do working Mom's manage it all (please share those tips, ladies).  I don’t know about you, but I have a ton of questions in my head that I would like to get out on the table for discussion because I’m curious about people and stuff.  Often, I don’t ask because I don’t want people to think I am being judgmental in my question because I’m not.  I just really am like a child, with an almost uncontrollable impulse to ask “inappropriate” questions at times.

While we do believe in asking any question, when discussing those questions, we do have some rules of engagement.  We believe real conversation can’t happen when you are so focused on saying the PC thing and not offending anyone, so we want to create a “cone of safety” for other real moms to talk about stuff that matters to us.  That being said, we think it is also important to add, when speaking your truth, remember, it’s your truth, not the truth (in other words, it's an opinion).

Perfection is not needed nor is it desired.  Keep it real.  No topic is too small or too large.  However,  all discussions should be:
1) with good intent and with love (Is it helpful?)   No snark, no judginess.  
2) what works for one, may not work for another, and 
3) everything works best if approached with an open mind.  If you are easily offended, worry more about the actual words used, and not the intent behind them, then this may not be the place for you.  

This is a place where we can shamelessly engage our curiosity about other people’s lives, parenting tips, fashion advice, whatever, in the hopes that we can learn something from one another that we can apply to our lives or at the very least have a good laugh about.  There is enough in life to tear us down - bad news, your mother-in-law (just kidding…I hope).  Here, in this place, we lift each other up.

If you have ideas or nagging questions you would like to discuss, drop us a line at mommasandmimosas@gmail.com or visit us on Facebook (Mommas and Mimosas) and let us know. We would love to hear from you.